Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Curators choice on BBC Wiltshire

I spoke on Curators Choice this week with BBC's Graham Rogers as Sue Davies who usually presents this programme was on holiday. Curators from around Wiltshire talk about objects from their museum's in this slot every Wednesday from 2.15 p.m.

I featured a ceramic by Charles Stone from the Swindon Collection of Studio Ceramics. The piece titled Ceramic Sculpture was made in porcelain in 1979. It is tiny and merits close observation. Its dimensions are height 8.5 cm; (3.5 ins) length 9.2 cm; width 5.6 cm.

It depicts a walled, riverfront castle in front of a forest with 3 birds and a moored boat.

It is made from several different coloured clays: light brown, grey, light grey, and body-coloured porcelain clays which have been rolled, cut and delicately modelled to produce the forms. Its surface shows various impressed textures and sgraffito used for architectural and folar detail.

It is part of a currently available display called Clay and Water which will accompany the next Art Gallery exhibition The Lure of Water opening on 15 July.

Pots in Clay and Water have been chosen for their connection with St Ives, the sea, beach and boat shapes.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Christopher Easdon's Art

Today, 18th, June Chris Easdon laid out all of his pictures on the gallery floor so that they could be photographed from above. Chris wanted to be able to show all of his pictures in one shot and the gallery provided the ideal location. He told me that he started this work in May when he got his new computer. He abstracts from photographs and manipulates the images using computer software.

Chris also writes books, one of which is called 'The Wonderful World of Wobbly Bob and Muggy Sam'.

Parallel Lives with Artsite

Around 20 Artsite artists have each chosen a picture from the Swindon Collection of Modern British Art. On Friday 11 June, the artists came to the art gallery to view their chosen pictures and to read the archived information related to each artwork.

Paul Ricketts and Tim Carroll got the pictures out of the store for the viewing and I provided the accompanying information.

There was a tranquil studious atmosphere in the gallery as the artists worked. Some made drawings; other made notes. Andy Preston shot video footage while others clicked away on their mobile phones and cameras. We also photocopied photographs and texts from the folders. It was really satisfying to be able to make all these resources available to artists from our area.

Artsite artists will use their responses to the Swindon collection pictures to make their own artworks to be shown in an exhibition Parallel Lives which will be at The Post Modern gallery, Swindon in September 2010.

For further information about Artsite, visit