Thursday, 25 June 2009

GCSE Colouring Books

Students from the John of Gaunt School have combined drawings inspired by Jake and Dinos Chapman with outline drawings from children's colouring books to make their own surreal compositions.

The workshop led by Brian Britton, former Head of Art at Ridgeway School and now freelance educationalist, is linked to GCSE Art and Design programmes. The young people study the works in the Chapmans' touring exhibition on show in the art gallery and draw on Surrealism and Dada to create their own artworks through drawing and collage.

Tamar McCreary, Art Teacher, said the workshop is 'invaluable experience for art students, with superb guidance and linked directly to their project. The students learned a huge amount and were completely engaged with the art works'.

Other members of staff accompanying the students were Emma Palmer and Julia Davey. Emma is a Teaching Assistant who is doing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education with Plymouth University.

Julia will be teaching a BTEC course at Cirencester College from September. She said, 'It's a really lovely workshop for the course I am starting to run. It will tie in with the units I will be teaching. This kind of thing can draw a lot out of the students'

Julia expressed interest in the portraits workshops which will be available from 7 July to the end of the Autumn Term 2009.

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